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Pause and Listen

This morning rain is pitter pattering on the trees and my roof.  I pause and listen.  The sound soothes me. I walk outside with bare feet, cool wet grass beneath my toes.  Raindrops are tapping on my head, my arms.  I am a flower taking in the nourishing water, my roots sinking deep into the ground, my face stretching …

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Follow the Inspiration

I planted nasturtium seeds in July.  Wisconsin has a short growing season.  Planting flower seeds in July is not likely to give most plants enough time to grow and bloom before frost.  I did it anyway. Today (the end of August), I noticed the very first flower, so bright and beautiful! I am very good at talking myself …

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White Pine

“White Pine symbolizes balance, truth, peace, and clear life purpose.  It represents the dream of peace for all beings.”  Gail Faith Edwards “White Pine generates peace of mind, eases loneliness, and strengthens a sense of unity in our communities.”  Robin Rose Bennett White Pine is an ancient tree of the North; a guardian tree embodying peace and gentle …

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