Bloom As You Are

I did not plant this sunflower.  Perhaps it was planted by a bird or a squirrel.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been watching it grow, tall and full of promise.  It was preparing to open when the stalk was bent and the flower head went down to the ground.  I continued to watch.  

Undeterred, it bloomed anyway.  

As I was taking photos of this remarkably resilient plant, its message came “Bloom as you are.”

Usually, I tell myself – I’ll bloom after I get the dishes done, once the house is organized, when I’m not so busy, when I have more money, after I’ve lost 30 pounds and have a better wardrobe, etc.  It’s always later, after I’ve changed myself, my home, my work, or finished my tasks.  

“Bloom as I am. “  A radical idea.  

This flower did.